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Hampshire County takes great pride in its history, heritage and agricultural pastimes. Romney is West Virginia’s oldest town, dating back to 1762. A good bit of Civil War activity took place in smaller towns and villages like Romney, most of it intended to disrupt rail, river and trail traffic. The town itself changed hands 56 times. Quite a bit of ambushing and skirmishing took place locally as citizens formed local militias to protect their interests. Orchards, livestock and farming have long been a way of life here. The county seat, Romney, is a small town in a state where everywhere you go feels like a small town. In Romney, you can drop into the corner bakery and the coffee shop. Its very much a “come as you are” kind of place. You may be in meeting that includes folks that just came from the office in a suit and those that just came in from the barn or the fields. And no one minds either way. A place where folks may take more pride in their old tractor than in their sedan. There are many beautiful and productive farms in Hampshire County, WV and you should get to know them. You’ll come to admire them deeply. The Romney Farmers Market is one way you can obtain their locally grown products and meet the farmers and growers. Some of the farms have been around for generations and some are brand new ventures; farms where 4 or 5 generations may lie in the family cemetery, and farms started with an idea, a dream, lots of sweat and effort, as well as a few tie-dyed t shirts and bandannas. We invite you to connect with these dynamic and progressive farmers and growers, they are a valuable local resource that provides wonderful fresh and local products for all of us. You’ll see the history and the innovation and the results.

About the Romney Farmers Market

The Romney Farmers Market is a member of the West Virginia Farmers Market Association.
Operation of the Romney Farmers Market supports the historic business center in downtown Romney. Many local businesses are within easy walking distance of the Romney Farmers Market location. A map can be found Here. While you are in town, be sure to check out other local businesses including restaurants, bakery, coffee shop, gift and jewelry stores, and a music store as well as insurance, banking and real estate services. The Taggert Hall visitors center is also within easy walking distance. Route 50 is the central travel route through Hampshire County and the Romney Farmers Market is right on Route 50 in downtown Romney.

The Romney Farmers Market has a wide variety of produce including naturally grown vegetables and wonderful orchard fruits and berries. You’ll also find baked goods, fresh eggs, honey, jams, jellies and sauces, beeswax products, pasture raised chicken, grass fed beef and lamb, herbs, locally roasted coffee, crafts, jewelry, and fresh flowers. There are numerous varieties and many heirloom varieties, for example Brandywine and Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Beans, pumpkins, summer squash, peppers and on and on. Raspberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries are among the small fruit crops available. And of course apples and peaches too. Really too many products to list them all and the range of products changes as the season progresses. Take home fresh recently picked food brought to market by our local farms. See our farms page and list of local farms and to see which farms routinely participate in the Romney Farmers Market. Don’t see what you’re looking for?, just ask a grower! Feel free to contact any of the farms and growers as needed. They are your local resource